A child grabbed my breast today…

…man, teaching sure is a sweet gig. Granted, I do have slightly (no jokes please) larger chesticles than the average asian woman, but geez louise, the kid was obsessed. This silly little boy wasn’t even a student of mine, and looked like one of the youngest ones-maybe 4 yrs old-so it’s not a big deal or all, but he just kept comin back, groping and all that! Oh kids.

I left the school at 6 pm today! Wow! The first event of it’s kind thus far in Korea for me. This due in part to the fact that two of my three allotted free periods for the week are on Tuesday afternoons after lunch. And I also don’t teach Big Reading Town classes on Tuesdays or Thursdays, so ta-da! A bunch of prep time and a chance to go home early. It’s nice, and I’m excited to have such a giant juncture of time to deal with on Tuesday afternoons-should help me take the workload down a bit for the rest of the week if I can plan ahead.

So this weekend was pretty nice. I feel as if I am quickly acclimating to my surroundings. I live in the area known as Pyongnae, which takes up maybe 5 or 10 blocks in Namyangju, the actual city where I am. I think it’s going to be a great place to live, with lots of little shops and street vendors. Plus it’s beautiful and surrounding on all sides by mountains, which I hope to eventually climb. The venture out for night time entertainment was very fun, and ended with a taxi ride home at 4:30 am. There are no last calls here in Korea-I can’t say that I think that is a great idea. I didn’t drink too much-don’t want to be the new girl who pukes on everyone! But it was fun. We went to Hongdae, which is the University district in Seoul. The shopping there is amazing, and I can’t wait to go back to try my hand at haggling the prices down for some cool pieces (haggling for the price you want to pay is how they roll in these parts. Hopefully I’m good at it). The night veered to a techno club called Joker Red, where I danced the night away, and eventually stole a groovy poster. Good times.

Ah well. I end this post with a few photos. Do enjoy.


3 thoughts on “A child grabbed my breast today…

  1. I know! When I taught no one could keep their paws off of me.
    Is your city densely packed?

    I’m jealous about the mountains. Hike up twice…once for me.

    Glad you’re acclimating well 🙂

    Talk to you later

  2. Yes, it’s pretty dense, which is the norm here. Apparently most everyone lives in apartment complexes, families and all, and the very well-off/rich people live in houses-the houses in our region are on the sides of the mountains. I really want to go inside one! Although i guess they are just what would be considered “regular” or medium income family homes in the States. So glad to hear from you Phil!

  3. It is great to hear from Mo while she is oveseas. However, I am a overprotective parent. I will be coming to see her as soon as possible. I kow she is a very desirable young lady. However, you have to meet her daddy. CRY HAVOC…AND LET SLIP THE DOGS OF WAR!!!!Looking forward to meeting you. Lovyabye.

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