My Year Since the RMI

Kiolani, Selina and Aliana

Kiolani, Selina and Aliana


It was nearly a year ago today that I got on a plane in Majuro, Republic of the Marshall Islands to begin my 18+ hour flight to start my life again back in the commercialized and fast-paced world of the Midwestern U.S. I spent an hour or so today reminiscing on old pictures and thinking about how much my life has changed in the past year since I left my tiny island of Gugeegue, and how much that year meant to the course of my life. I certainly had no idea that things would be as they are now-teaching in Korea, without my former significant other, etc, etc. But I am not disappointed at what I’ve made of my life in the time since, nor at my prospects for the future. Rather than wax nostalgic about my amazing and horizon-altering experiences on a tiny spot of land on the Equator, I’ll just post some pictures and ponder my constantly meandering life.

kahsBoomer and I at graduationkites

Our house

Our house

mary kate and ashleysecret bday party!sundown


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