Summer vacation in the wondrous land of Ohio

My short-lived vacation has come and gone, and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  My initial flight from Seoul to L.A. was lovely-overnight, slept for most of it. The 7 hour layover in L.A. was less than fun, but my time was taken up partly by a new friend I made, another English teacher from Korea who was on her journey home to Canada for her week off. We chatted while wandering aimlessly around the convuluted and completely horrible LAX terminal, then chilled out for awhile in terminal 2, trading stories about our Korean lives and reading trashy magazines. About an hour before Sara’s flight left, I decided to check back in with the Northwest people who had told me that although my flight was not listing on the departure boards, it was only because I was too early. Deciding to check up on this little tidbit of information turned out to be a great idea, because the third employee I spoke to eventually told me that I needed to go check my ticket at the ticket counter in terminal 5. For those not familiar with LAX (as I’m sure there are many, and I am by no means familiar with it) terminal 2 and terminal 5 are separated by the better part of a mile of sidewalk and other terminals.  Thank God I’d left myself plenty of time for this little jaunt. I finally made it to my terminal, checked in properly, sat for a bit, then boarded my plane. After another transfer in Detroit, I was met at the Cbus airport by Boomer (with Sour Patch Kids in hand! Love!) and my dad and Pam at about 10 am Saturday. A lovely little reunion! I deeply impressed them with my packing skills-only one large bag and a purse for a week in America, and yet four pairs of shoes. Yes, I am amazing.

After saying goodbye for now to the rents Boomer and I headed back to his place so I could shower the 19 hours of travel off of me. Then we aimed ourselves toward the Blue Danube for a delicous brunch-omelettes and cheesesticks for the both of us, plus a fabulously fizzy mimosa for myself.  Post-lunch I was a bit sleepy, so a nap was had. Then B and I made our way to a new restaurant in the city that he’d told me about, Dirty Frank’s, which had me quite intrigued. 18 different kinds of veggie dogs, all kinds of fixins! We met Rachel and Ben, plus Plottner had joined us, and our crew dined on some tasty fare. I also indulged in a unique and wonderful concoction made of cherry slushy and rum. Ohhhhh yes. In fact I had another, this time with lime slushy. What a wondrous place that joint is.  After dinner we headed to Skully’s to watch my cousin’s band, The Lovebones, rock the house. A few drinks, some tunes, good people. A great welcome night back in the City!

As the first night indicated, the rest of the week went just swimmingly. It wasn’t nearly as hurried and frantic as I’d thought it was going to be, and in fact was relaxing and exactly what I needed. Sunday found me chilling at my mom’s house, gazing at my 4 month old niece in wonder. I still can’t get used to the fact that my baby sister has her own baby, but she is indeed a beautiful little thing. So adorable! As for the rest of the week, I spent a ton of time with my very best friend, went dancing two more times (quite a feat for a 7 day visit, I think), broke up a fight at ladies’ 80s dance party, ate at Taco Bell, Olive Garden, Apollo’s and Chipotle respectively, sat by a pool on a cloudy, but warm day in a bikini’d attempt to get a bit of a tan, saw “The Hangover” with Seany-hilarious!- read piles of magazines at Mom’s house, ate several pounds of grapes and berries,  visited the new Ohio State library (thanks for the private tour Pup!), enjoyed a cook out reunion with my high school posse, shopped a little too much, and really just enjoyed my time in my home state. I swear, the more I live abroad, the more I love Ohio. Maybe someday I’ll even settle down there. Maybe. Let’s not push it. But we’ll see what happens. It’s just such a beautiful place. Not to say I wasn’t looking forward to my return to Korea-I’m completely enthralled with this country, surprisingly enough after 5 months, I still love it. Things are going really well at the moment, with some new and exciting life developments, and I’m just happy to be happy at this point. Could have used more than one week off for summer vacation though. It’s quite hard getting back into my work mode, especially with the not-nearly-as-humid-weather we’ve suddenly got going on.



We don't wear shirts in Ohio. At least, my dad doesn't.

We don't wear shirts in Ohio. At least, my dad doesn't.



Boomer. And cup o Joe deliciousness.

Boomer. And one delicious iced chai.

Rocking out at Ladies' 80s Dance night at Skully's

Rocking out at Ladies' 80s Dance night at Skully's

And I realize there are no pictures of my darling niece on here-notice the grainy feel of my pictures? That would be due to the fact that they were all taken via disposable camera. My digital is currently being fixed by the a-holes at TechnoMart, who told me that it would be ready in one day. This was 5 days before I got on a plane to America. Guess who still doesn’t have a camera? Case in point, I bought two disposable cams upon my arrival in Ohio and took many photos (um, actually 27 x 2 is really all I took), unfortunately, I only got to develop one before coming home, and that camera held photos from Wednesday onward. When I get the others developed, I will most certainly add them. They are rife with cuteness, I’m sure.


2 thoughts on “Summer vacation in the wondrous land of Ohio

  1. Hey! I stumbled on your blog while trying to find out some information about reading town in Namyangju. That’s where I’m going to be working on the 16th of this month! So I wanted to say hello!

    Hope your vacation was awesome! It looked like it was. 🙂

  2. So you’re Emily! Well, nice to meet you, can’t wait to do so in person. I hope you’re enjoying your last days in the States for a bit:) See you soon!

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