Swiney Update

Since school attendance yesterday consisted of only about 25 students between all the classes, and many, many parents complained that we were even open at all, our director took the hint and closed the school until next Tuesday. Initially we, the teachers, were still obliged to work today(Thursday), Friday, and Monday. Due to the fighting of our sweet little head teacher, Sunny, we have now been given today and tomorrow off, although we still have to come in on Monday. I’m okay with that though. On a funny/ridiculous side note, 4 of the Big Reading Town teachers (Emily, Jeff, Steve-who is actually little RT, and Caitlin) decided to book last minute flights to Japan as soon as they got confirmed time off last night. Jessie, the head teacher for Big RT found out and basically ripped them apart, forbidding them to go  and saying that she felt betrayed because “we are a family”. Complete and total bullshit, but that’s how she rolls. Anyway, they cancelled their trip. And Jessie texted ALL of us to “not leave the country.” Flee flee, I say!

To celebrate I came home last night and sat on my butt. It was great. I drank some beers, Jon and Dave attempted (and failed) to make caramel apples, and then I put on my halloween costume-it’s a panda, it’s great-and fell asleep at midnight after breaking the one heineken glass that we owned.  I woke up early and am currently trying to convince Marisa to take a quick trip with me for the next couple of days to Chuncheon or Daegu…anywhere, really. I don’t plan on spending my extra free vacation sitting around in Pyeongnae. Not that that would really be all that horrible.  But I’d like to get out and about. We shall see what happens.  In the meantime, look at me dressed like a panda.


Swine Celebration 010

Black toffee apples-fail, boys.

Swine Celebration 018

Hanging out panda-style.

Swine Celebration 021

Yeah, not so edible. Unfortunately.

Swine Celebration 015

Everyone loves pandas.


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