Happy Tuesday-now with pictures!

It’s Tuesday and I still feel my weekend just ended. Guess that’s what happens with no Monday-Friday 9-5 shenanigans. I’m sure I’ll get more bored eventually. But not yet!

So, the weekend. I really enjoyed just being back near my (decidedly more urban) element again. When I’m out here, in the country, there’s not much to do. And I mean that, not in some lazy-girl-i-wanna-party-all-night kind of way, but in a seriously-there-isn’t-even-a-park-here-for-me-to-walk-to way. It’s one of the problems of the smaller town that I grew up in. No parks, no coffee shops or book stores, not even sidewalks in some places-problematic for those who want to take a nice chill walk. You have to drive to do anything or go anywhere And I would kill for a little back porch/deck action right now to sit out and read on, but alas, there is none. This all means that my time here ends up being a lot of internetting, reading, and sitting indoors. And I don’t really enjoy the indoors that much. Nor do I like feeling locked in the house.

The weekend (as I shall choose to call my Thursday-Monday spent out and about) involved a hell of a lot of running and gym time with my gym rat of a best friend…all for the better really, since we’re running a 5k next Sunday and he is in faaaar better shape than I. There were also some good meals (pad thai! beet burgers!), some drinks, a lot of sunshine and some beautiful walks in the out of doors.

heading for some pad thai and happy hour beers

later later

my fabulous host for the weekend!

My night is going to be pretty exciting because it’s the season premiere of Glee…and yeah, I’m pretty fuckin pumped. Today was a long day of Big Things which I am not yet prepared to discuss on el bloggo, but maybe eventually I’ll let you people know wassup.  I’m a busy bee! Hope everyone is doing well out there. Keep on keepin on!


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