5K Sunday Funday

The last time I ran a real race was when I did the Columbus Nationwide Half-Marathon (a tidy 13.1 miles) back in October of 2008. After that, I took my running miles waaaay down, and upon moving to Korea in February of 2009 and joining a gym, my running was at first regular, then sporadic at best. I blame that partially on re-entering the “I have a new boyfriend that I want to hang out with all the time” scene, partially on the cost of the gym and my desire to save money just before I returned stateside, and partially on my lazy ass. Mostly on my lazy ass.

Anyway, my running partner for Sunday morning’s race was my best buddy Joe. We’ve been bffs since we were 8 years old, ridin’ dirty on bus 22 to school every day. He’d never run in any race before, so I was really excited to get to be there with him on the big day. I was, and am, incredibly proud of him, even more so than any regular dude that decides he wants to shape up and test themselves. This is because Joe Joe used to be a bit of a larger fellow. He’s my oldest friend-we just had a talk about that yesterday, 17 years!- and he’s fucking hilarious. Ask anyone. Being with him hurts because I giggle far too much and we both say a lot of stupid shit. It’s perfect, and exactly what I want in a friendship.

So back to Joseph-anyway, at his heaviest he weighed 347 lbs. That’s a lot of pounds, by most standards for a guy who is 5’8″. And in the past 2ish years, by his own sheer steel will and hard core workout plan, he’s lost 150 pounds. Holy shit! Amazing right? And inspiring. He did it all on his own, no special crazy diet plans or anything like that-eating right and working his ass off. Stud. Like I said. SO. PROUD.

Here we are back in 2006(?) enjoying Strawberry Daiquiri Saturday (a tradition back in those days…ahhh college).

And yesterday, post race.

so fast (and perhaps also furious?)

Fantastico. Stud, right?

how pretty is that

I think the whole thing is pretty awesome overall. And I’m looking forward to possibly getting the chance to be roomies with this fella come next fall. Get pumped people. That’s chaos waiting to happen.


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