Sunday Afternoon Bloggin’

First things first.

Remember that Natalie Portman movie where she gets knocked up and her douche of a boyfriend leaves her at the Wal-Mart? Hooo-eeee it’s a tear jerker. It’s on tv right now, and I’m hooked. And Portman is just so good at that lilting southern accent. And she names her daughter Americus! I may have to keep that in my little book of future baby names…if I had one, that is.

The wedding in Pitt was so fun! It was the best I’ve been to, and I was really inspired for the future wedding that I will eventually be planning. It was an evening wedding, with a mixed ceremony for the non-religious-but-still-one-part-jewish-one-part-christian nuptials. Mazel tov and all that jazz. The bride was gorgeous, the venue was fabulous, the food was delicious (all vegetarian, even though the bride and groom aren’t! I thought it was a really thoughtful gesture and a great way to show that you don’t HAVE to have a steak/chicken/lobster buffet to have a really elegant dinner). It was great. My date, the ever-handsome Joseph-was a big hit with my/Anna’s friends.  At one point he left our dinner table, at which point one of the girls leaned conspiratorially over to ask “Is that your British boyfriend?” to which I then laughed heartily and answered that no, actually he’s my big gay bff and he’s just gone to go hit on that hot camera guy over there. Surprise! So that was fun.

But guess who caught the bouquet?? Yeah, this girl. Which involved catching like, three feet of air while reaching up with one hand and ever-so-gracefully holding up my strapless dress with the other hand, while being shoved by several other “single ladies”.

Pictures to come soon, as I’m still in Columbus with no access to my usb cord-not that I took too many good ones anyway, but maybe by the time I get around to uploading them, some of the other attendees will have put theirs somewhere I can steal them.Now I will go back to enjoying my drizzly April Sunday…alright!


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