Pizza and some other thoughts

Seven years ago I graduated from high school. That’s weird. It’s strange to me how (some) older people tell you that when you leave high school and join the “real world” everyone changes and you’ll never see some of these people again and cherish the time you have with them, blah blah blah. When really things change but the best friends stay the same. My two best friends in the entire world are people I’ve known since we were children. And even when we go months and months between seeing each other, things pick back up right where they left off when we end up back together. And I’ve noticed it’s like that for many, maybe even most, people-of course you make good friends in school or at your job, but out of everyone I know, most everyone’s bff is someone they’ve known since they were a wee young thang. But hey, I could be wrong. I guess my point is, when you’re a teenager, don’t believe all the shit that older people say to you. It’s okay to date your high school sweetheart after you graduate. It’s okay to move to college with your best friend. You’re not impeding yourself or giving yourself a security blanket, and even if you are, you’re still going to figure shit out sooner or later.  Do what feels right!

Okay, that’s the end of that little rant. I think I was just pondering this earlier because I was talking to my dad about what it would have been like if I’d gotten married to my first boyfriend (I was 15 and we dated for my first two years of high school). He went on a spiel about “kids marrying the first person they date” and how it always ends badly, and I have to say that I really disagree. Sure, it’ may not be a great idea to never see what else is out there. But that brings to mind my friends Nick and Kara who started dating in high school, never ever broke up(not even one of those “we’re on a break” things), got married a few years ago and just had twin baby boys 2 months ago. They’re adorable, disgustingly happy, laugh more than any two people ever should, and they didn’t need a few years of fooling around with randoms to figure out their feelings. How can something like that be wrong? I just don’t think it’s fair to tell people that anything you feel when you’re 16, 17, 18 doesn’t count because you’re not in the “real world” yet. F that.

And now back to the real reason for the post! A few of us from my hometown got together at Nia’s house for a little get together. It was fun (mini pizzas and strawberry shortcake!) and we did some hard core gossiping about the past and present of our former classmates. Interesting, for sure. And I was just thinking that I’m lucky to still have these friends, some closer than most, that I’ve known nearly my entire life. We grew up together, and we’re still growing, now past the drunken college phase, some of us in the married phase, a few in the parenthood phase and all of us just living as well as we can. Life’s crazy. I’m a lucky lady.

gettin’ old

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