Who doesn’t love cupcakes?

I really, really want this book. Or, I want someone to buy it and then make me all the cupcakes inside. Or I’ll make the cupcakes and then have a cupcake party!

so cuuuuute, and yet, i bet delicious also.

I love cupcakes. Much better than regular cake. And this book has egg-shaped ones,sharks, and pie shaped ones…genius. I wish my mom liked to bake, because I would buy it for her for the upcoming maternal holiday….unfortunately I think she’d be annoyed that I didn’t buy her a necklace, or flowers.

Speaking of, Mother’s Day is so much easier when I live in another country-I can just send something in the mail. But in person I feel like I have to step up my game a little bit, especially since my little sis and her daughter (my mother’s one and only grandchild so far) live in California,and my fantastic grandmother has been gone since 2006,  leaving my mother an emotional mess of a person on all holidays where they (my sister and child) do not make an appearance, i.e. most of the holidays that aren’t Christmas. I still don’t know what I’m doing for her this year, besides actually spending the whole weekend with my dear mama….maybe a nice lunch or something? Maybe I’ll make cupcakes! That’s a win-win situation friends. Win-Win.


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