The numbers are in, and people love active war zones!

It’s become apparent to me that I have become a sort of foreigner guide to the DMZ of Korea. 168 views of the blog yesterday, which is ginormous for sure, and it turns out that the biggest search is always for something involving the DMZ…..months ago my biggest search results were Lady Gaga, then it moved on to this. What’s next? Perhaps I will become the new generation of Heather Armstrong-now there’s a lady blog bad ass. That’d be cool! And she likes to sort of ramble about things in a way that I find very soothing. Nice. And she married a guy named Jon, which is a fantastic coincidence!

So in all my inner dialogues about what to do with my blog, it goes a little something like this:

-Don’t be a navel-gazing douche Ashley.

-But lots of people are navel-gazing. I can do it if I want!

-No one cares about the delicious tomato sandwich you made for lunch/how badly you want a puppy/how sad you are that law and order got cancelled. Especially since you’re not in Korea anymore-it’s far less exotic.

-But seriously, it’s a blog, can’t I just write what I want and people who don’t care don’t have to read anymore? Right? RIGHT?

Yeah. Something like that.

Like I said the other day, my England summer is fast approaching. Yippee! But first up-this weekend’s long trip to NY for a Poughkeepsie wedding followed by a few days in the City. Joe wants me to dress somewhat nautical so we can match our outfits and eventually make our way into the characters of two drunken sailors/pirates/yuppies. I’m pretty down with that.  And he already bought top-siders!


2 thoughts on “The numbers are in, and people love active war zones!

  1. yeah, i don’t quite understand how/when i became the guru. or maybe a small group of people is just really really interested in looking repeatedly.

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