Road Trip!


A ten hour car ride with a bff is a fun prospect. Joe is a wonderful traveler-he’s been making mix tapes all day. And I found a bunch of old cds from high school/college, so it’s going to be a throwback kind of drive. And I’ll be bring my copy of the last Harry Potter-no need to bring a new book when I can bring a giant one that I know keeps me interested! Both of us have been to the City before, so we can skip most touristy things, although I do enjoy a good sentimental landmark or two.

Things I’m trying to fit into our trip:

-New York Public Library

-Frick Gallery

-Staten Island Ferry (I’ve never ridden it, I don’t care how cliche it is-sunshine!water!boat! um, sign me up please.)

-Metropolitan Museum of Art

-Walking the Brooklyn Bridge…oooo that’ll be a good one.

The weather is supposed to be lovely except for the chance of a bit of rain come Tuesday. And I get to see my dear from Staci from my Marshall Island days-reunions are the best, and she’s a big grown up getting a graduate degree from Columbia now! Joe and I then plan on heading back up to Poughkeepsie on Wednesday and making the long, and I’m sure not as fun, drive home.Meh.

And I haven’t even mentioned the wedding, which is the real premise behind this whole trip anyway. A cousin of Joe’s is getting married upstate, so we’ll be there Saturday and Sunday, enjoying a lovely (I assume/hope) outdoor wedding and an open bar. Holla, as they say.  But first, I guess I should get to sleep. In the morning I’ll be stocking up on Red Bull, cheez-its and maybe even hitting McD’s for a (gasp!) egg and cheese biscuit! What? I never go to McDonald’s.  If I don’t go at least once a year I think they’ll revoke my American card. Wouldn’t want that to happen!

I hope everyone enjoys their Memorial Day weekend! See you next week ❤


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