New York Road Trip part 1


I was woken up by my phone ringing at 5:57 am on Saturday morning-this was Joe’s plan to wake me up and make sure I’d be ready when he came to pick me up and begin our 10 hour drive to upstate New York.  In life I try not to wake up before 7 for any reason, but I was surprisingly not too tired (I think it’s this 2 months’ unemployment-I sleep a lot, and chill a lot, and don’t drink or go out hardly ever…oh, the energy!). The drive was pleasant-a beautiful summery day with lots of sunshine and beautiful scenery all through Pennsylvania and New York.  As we finally got close to our destination we drove through the most adorable town with the best name-Fishkill, NY. I found out later that “kill” comes from the Dutch for “stream”, but that really doesn’t make the town’s name all that less amusing in this day and age. Since the wedding wasn’t until Sunday afternoon and our hotel was only 5 miles down the road, we spent a good few hours on Saturday night wandering around the quaintest of little neighborhoods-it was like a Hamptons/cottage town sort of place, with lovely architecture and streetlamps, and an incredibly old churchyard filled with tombstones dating all the way back to 1600s.  We really enjoyed walking around and marveling at how old it all is. I love old things! It was disappointing to realize I’d left my camera in the hotel-I didn’t know we were going to walk around so much after dinner. Interesting side note-the town is also some sort of registering place for the New York prison system and there’s a giant prison a few miles in the opposite direction. Crazy.

So. The wedding. OH MAN. It was an afternoon event at a hotel in Poughkeepsie and the ceremony was, without a doubt, the fastest one I’ve ever seen. 7 minutes, tops. The bride came down the aisle, everyone stood and stayed standing for the whole thing, wham bam thank you maam, finished. Then onto the good stuff-cocktail hour, where I made friends with the waiters serving the fried vegetables (when you’re veg you have to stake out your options and take all you can!) and Joe downed at least 5 glasses of white wine. He continued on with drinkin’ the wines for the next few hours, through lunch and dancing, and eventually started throwing up in the bathroom-I had to send in a young, and very embarrassed, cousin to retrieve him. Then he threw up in the hotel elevator. And then on me in the backseat of the truck that we were riding in with his mom and step-dad. ON ME.  So that was less than great, since it was just barely 5pm and I babysat him for the next 12 hours or so. Ahhh friendship. At least he was ready and raring to go bright and early Monday morning-all in time to catch the train to New York City on Memorial Day.

Part two will come tomorrow-New York City adventures-a Broadway show, street food, architecture, lots of strolling in Harlem and elsewhere, and old friends from the islands!

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