Packing, and how I’m currently not doing a good job

So it turns out that it’s hard for me to pack right now. Let it be known that I’m a good packer overall. I’ve packed for multiple year-long stints abroad, a summer in Europe, trips to the east and west coast…lots of places. And I generally do a bang-up job of packing as little as possible. Getting the most bang for my buck, so they say-my Dad always does a little “Is that IT??” when he picks me up/drops me of at the airport. But for some reason, I’m not doing all that great of a job this evening. Maybe it’s because I’m not going to “travel” necessarily in England, but that I’m actually going to live in my boyfriend’s (parents’) house for three months. There’s a little more pressure, methinks. No taking just a few dresses, some pants, a pair of running shoes and heels. More thought has to go into it. And Ah! It’s hard.


Back to packing.


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