British English v. American English

I feel somewhat like I’m in a little time warp. England is beautiful, with gorgeous scenery and quaint houses everywhere.  The pubs have names like The Druid’s Head, The Pump House, Witch Inn…it’s like Sleepy Hollow around here! Lindfield, the village where Jon lives, is picturesque and lovely. Old people putter around. We walk to the bakery for fresh baguettes and rhubarb-strawberry treats. Did you know that graham crackers don’t exist in England? Yeah, neither did I. But I do appreciate a place where I can eat crispy, fresh baked bread with butter and camembert for lunch. Which I guess I could do in Ohio, but the ambiance just isn’t the same, you know? And here’s a little vocab lesson on things I’ve learned in my first week UK-side:


car park = parking lot

trolley= shopping cart

handbag=purse and purse=wallet (found out this one at the airport/during my immigration debacle, was asked to take my “purse out of my handbag”. um…what?)

toilet roll=toilet paper

washing up liquid=dish soap

canned veg=pretty obvious, but it’s a bit funny to see “canned veg”  as an aisle at the grocery store. To me at least.

Ah well, that’s all I can think of for now, crazy-new-Brit words wise. This blog isn’t going so well, I’m feeling a bit scattered! I can’t put any of my photos up yet-my little laptop has no battery, so I’m using one of Jon’s. Yes, he has multiples, that nerdy nerd that he is. But I shall be putting some of the fun ones that I’ve taken of Brighton Pier and our weekend endeavors up soon, after my new power cord comes in the mail. We took the train from Hayward’s Heath to Brighton on both Saturday and Sunday this past weekend. I’ve never been to such a cold, rocky beach, yet still full of people. It was still fun though, albeit very windy. We played on the pier, taking silly pictures and thinking about riding one of the terrifying carnival rides on show. A spinny wheel thing that straps you in, then goes out over the English Channel? No no no, a thousand times no! We, along with Penny and Seb, two fellow Korea veterans, attempted to find a Korean restaurant on West Street which, turns out, doesn’t exist. Bummer. Instead, we had an exceptional meal at a Thai restaurant. At least it was Asian, right? Finally Penny, Jon and I watched another World Cup game from a pub while drinking a few before Penny’s aunt came to pick her up. Speaking of-it was very fun being the only American in a pub watching the US vs. England match this past Saturday. Hooray for lucky goals! Hooray I say!

I think there will be more World Cup, more exploring, and more books in my very near future. Now that I’m a bit more settled, I need to get my mind together.  The next update will be better, I promise!

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