Derwent Reservoir-lots o’ ducks

One of our days of vacation in Derbyshire we went for a walk/hike around a tri-reservoir area that included the Ladybower Reservoir, the Derwent Reservoir, and one other that I can’t remember.  The River Derwent flows through these three rivers and provides most of the water for South Yorkshire. Interestingly, the Derwent Reservoir was also the space where the “Dam Busters” air squadron practiced dropping and and skipping bombs like rocks over the water (because the dam so nearly resembled those of the Germans during WWII). Cool stuff.

Ladybower Reservoir-such a graceful name!

And there was this!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(edit: i’m having trouble getting the slideshow to not show ALL the stupid pictures, so just watch the ones of Jon hopping along the rocks!)

Last but not least, we met the craziest group of ducks I’ve ever seen. No fear, bad ass ducks, these guys. They were all UP in my grill. Especially when they saw Jon and I throwing rocks at this huuuuuge pike in the river, mistaking the rocks for food that they WANTED TO EAT RIGHT NOW.

dunnnnn dun....dunnnnnn dun



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