A change in the weather

The rains came down hard yesterday, in a way that we haven’t seen all summer. In fact, I hadn’t really noticed the lack of rain around here (here being Sussex and the southwest, as it rained the ENTIRE TIME we were in the East Midlands), until it started coming down. The drops were big, the wind was strong, the thunder was loud, and the dogs were scared.  Watching the evening news, there were several stories about flash floods and other damage from the inches of rain that most places received. Lucky for us it had stopped raining by the time Jon got home from work, so we put in our miles for the day. It was actually nice running in the post rain/late afternoon weather. A little bit of a chill, a breeze in the air, puddles to splash in….good stuff.

We had big plans for a date night-yippee! Movie and dinner. Specifically, Inception, which I’ve been dying to see. Using Wednesday for this date night was specifically because Wednesday is a little something called “Orange Wednesday” round these parts-special deals, generally 2 for 1, on things like movie tickets, restaurants, pizza, etc if your mobile phone carrier is Orange.  You sign up, get a text message, show it at the counter et voila! Cheap night out. We went like, a month ago, and haven’t been back since for various reasons (Derbyshire vacay, teeth out/on drugs, no car to borrow to get there…). So. Last night, I was pumped. I haven’t heard a single bad thing about the movie, and I have a giant crush on Joseph Gordon Levitt. My list of actor loves goes  a little something like this

1. Jason Statham

2. Joseph Gordon Levitt

so yes, excited. And we get there, half an hour before the movie and the line for tickets is out the door and down the block. Down the flippin’ block on a Wednesday night at 7:45. Damn you Orange Wednesday and the homogeneous nature of English phone plans! It was a big loss. Especially because there was no way we were going to wait in line for 40 minutes just to find out that even the late show was sold out (we don’t know if it was, but I’m just assuming here-Inception is so popular right now!) Close-ish theaters were really not that close, and according to Jon’s phone had the exact same showtimes. Anyway, we drove home in defeat.  Sadface.

Silver lining though-we’d gotten 2012 on Lovefilm (English Netflix) and I’ve been dying to see that again since Jon and I saw it in the theater in Korea. Jon has an amazing, large tv with special Blue Ray capabilities (or whatever, I’m not good at explaining those sorts of things-the tv is niceeee) and altogether it was a fabulous movie watching experience. Also, we’ve now given up on being able to watch Inception for cheap, and will probably just try to catch a weekend matinee or something. And pay for two tickets. Lame!

Finally, I even straightened my hair for last night’s date, which I’ve literally not done in two months or so. Turns out, my hair is getting pretty long. Also turns out, webcams are good substitutes for mirrors when you can’t plug the straightener in near an actual mirror.



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