Yo! Sushi is heaven.

Whoa. Friday night got a little crazy, starting with a fun let’s-do-happy-hour 2for1 cocktails at Las Iguanas woooo!-kinda way and ending with watching the sun come up on the beach. But I’m not here to talk about that. I’m here to talk about the delicious dinner that we had before happy hour began, at a fab place called Yo! Sushi.

I’m pretty sure it’s a chain, but I’ve always wanted to go to one of those conveyor belt sushi places-let me tell you, I was not disappointed. The colored plates each stand for a different price point, so the baby blue plates meant that it was the cheapest, at 1.70, with yummies like edamame. The most expensive gray plates were around 5.00 with combo plates of sashimi and sushi. There was plenty to choose from in the in between, and you could specifically order small plates off the menu if they weren’t already floatin’ around on the conveyor belt -I’m sure you could spend a ton of money in there if you wanted (or if you were starving and not paying attention to your plate colors!).  I loved the open layout that allows you to watch the chefs make noodles and roll sushi…fun. At the end your server tallies up your empty plates, and there you go!

It does make you feel a bit gluttonous, looking at all those empty plates. Anyway.

A perfect meal before a night out on the town! Plus it’s always nice to eat a light dinner if you’re going to end up eating a whole 12″ pizza at 4 am…if you know what I mean.


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