Oktoberfest is fun, because October is number one.

It might be the German in me, or it just might be that I love everything related to the fall, but I think Oktoberfest is awesome. Tasty sauerkraut, polka music reminiscent of the days of driving around in an RV with my Grandpa Weirich, bratwurst, and delicious brewskies. Woo!  I was so excited to get to go to Columbus’ fest this year-and in a brand new location out at the fairgrounds. The weather finally got chilly, and it was a perfect evening. I indulged in a bratwurst from the local restaurant Schmidt’s (all the big wig politicians/famous people go there when they come to town!), some jalepeno sauerkraut balls (sooo good), and an Oktoberfest ale. And fun story about the beer-paid for a small, which was still 16 ounces, but was given a huge stein’s worth-42 ounces! For the same price! What a nice surprise.

the best wurst around

Want to see a huge beer?

that's bigger than my head

And there is a reason I look sort of strangely squinty-my right eye was all puffed up with some sort of allergic reaction thing, but I couldn’t miss Oktoberfest for some stupid eye injury…no way jose. So just ignore that. I should have got a piratey eye patch.

that's better

Until next year, fare thee well Oktoberfest. And next up for the festival season….Italian Festival in a couple of weeks! Another chance to eat my weight in foreign foods. Yesss.


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