Books, books, books!

Seriously guys. I’ve never had so much to read in my whole life. I will say that I do really like grad school though. I feel lucky right now to not be working, and being able to purely focus on my studies, but I’m already freaking out about trying to find some sort of part time job, just in case. Problem is, those jobs are hard to come by-especially as I don’t have a car to just get a seasonal gig at a local mall or drive around taking photos of houses for real estate agents (saw that on craigslist today, that would be an awesome job!). Ideally, I’d love to just be a nanny for someone a few days a week. Ya know, hang out with some kids, but have a little more flexibility while earning more than minimum wage. I don’t want to sign over my weekends to some bar (also, the no-car thing makes getting home from a job late at night…like from a bar/restaurant….really hard and a little bit scary) especially if I don’t HAVE to have a job. Which I don’t. Right now (thanks student loans!). And it would be amazing if I never really had to get one during this year and a half of school. I mean-there are so. many. things to do. I’ve never had such a constant flow of reading/work on my plate! Well, reading mostly. Teaching really does always leave something to be done so it’s not a new feeling, but in this case I feel like I don’t want to fall behind, and the subject matter is something I’m strongly opinionated about and interested in, so that helps keep me motivated.

Anyway, back to reading. And if you hear of any super sweet jobs in the area, or if you want me to do some freelance writing for you…holla at me!


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