Korean Food in Columbus!

Normally I wouldn’t post about something as random as this, but it was such a wonderful surprising part of my day that I have to!

My class was over a little early, before 9pm. (yeah, I know, who has classes so late?? grad fuckin students, that’s who. lame). Roommate was busy, so I was taking the bus home. No bus until 9:41, so I decided to check out a little fushion restaurant across from campus that boasts having Cajun, Chinese, and Korean cuisine. Of course I had to try it! I was so pleasantly surprised when I went in. They were playing one of my absolute favorite songs in the whole world by Neutral Milk Hotel-no one ever even knows who they are, let alone plays their tunes in their restaurant! They have a massive selection of all kinds of magazines, and a super legit Korean menu, right down to the kimchi! I was a little overwhelmed with a mix of happiness and hunger, so I went with the bibimbap. It came with a whopping squirt bottle full of gochujang (red pepper paste, and the staple of any good Korean mean), a side of homemade kimchi, and a side of tofu soup. Heaven. I was in heaven. I sat, ate my meal, chatted with the enormously friendly staff, read the new Marie Claire with Posh on the front, and eventually went out and caught my bus. I think i’ve just started a new thursday night tradition.

So happy 🙂 Just wanted to share! Cafe Amelea on High Street-check it out if you like independent restaurants and delicious food!


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