Wedding Wednesday!

We’ve scheduled our engagement photos! I’m so excited. We’re going with the photographer wife of Jon’s techy-writer friend, Dana Jo. (connections!) Here is some of her work! She’s great, you should go look at the site.

Oh my goodness. I can’t wait! We’re doing it in June, since Jon and I will be together for spring break and that’s just too soon-June is our next Ohio rendezvous, so we’re going with that. I have ideas. No idea what to wear! But I am really looking forward to pictures with my man. Time to start brainstorming. Oh, and have you seen Lauren’s engagement photos over on AsianCajuns??  Too die for. So much to look up to over here!


2 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday!

  1. Hi Ashley!! Thanks so much for mentioning my photos! Cath sent this post to me when I was wifi-less on my honeymoon and I’m just now getting caught up on my emails. I can’t wait to see your photos in June!!! xoxoxoxo

  2. You’re welcome Lar-your pictures are absolutely amazing:) I hope you had a fantastic honeymoon!

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