Gone again

Can you see how I would miss this face?

I put him on a plane back to London early this morning. Have I mentioned how much I hate saying goodbye? Because I do. And…I do. It’s terrible and depressing.

Every time we do this I end up having an “it’s not fair” whiny moment. But truly. We cherish (that’s a dramatic word choice, but I’ll go with it) every second that we have together. And we work through this long distance. And I see so many couples (or almost couples) who just have drama, all the time and don’t appreciate one another. And maybe that’s what makes it exciting for them-I don’t know, and it’s not my place to judge-but it makes it so hard to have these wonderful days of happy, quiet normalcy, a glimpse at what we’re working for, and then for it to be over.

Three months is a long time. And I’m counting down, again.


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