New love

Her name is Bianca, and she’s a beaut.

Gorgeous, right? I’m so happy with this new lady in my life. Hopefully we have some wonderful years together.

(P.S. You should have seen my dad when he saw the new wheels-he was so stoked for his daughter to purchase such a kick ass piece of vintage awesome)

It was such a windy you can tell by my windswept look there. It kept Sunday’s inaugural bike ride to a very tide 2 miles or so around the neighborhood only!

Besides new bike stuff, I also checked out my wedding venue with my dad on Saturday. It’s going to be so. good. I’m pumped. Time is just flying by-to resort to useful cliches. The idea of doing a bit of an out of the box celebration for us is really sitting well with me. While it seems that a lot of the people around me don’t understand what’s going on because it’s not traditional enough, at the end of the day it’s about what Jon and I really want for this one day of our lives. And having our family there with us will be wonderful, too.

Damn! I talked about wedding stuff again, and I completely meant to keep it to a minimum.

Oh well. The week is about to begin. We’re in for more thunderstorms and rain for most of the week, which will put my bike riding to a minimum, but I can’t wait for the April winds and rains to die down and really enjoy some two-wheeled sunshiny days. It’s a new era!


6 thoughts on “New love

  1. that bike IS a beaut! I’ve been looking on craigslist but so far, no dice. A nice bike for spring and summer? What could be better?

  2. Nothing could be better! I’m just waiting for all of this April showers nonsense to stop, so I can finally get out there. Thunderstorms every day this week-come on Ohio, get with it!

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