Rainy lady about town

These rainy days…they just keep coming.  At least it’s been much warmer. I’d like to get out for some more photos of the color before all that’s left is green come June. The rain makes everything so much more vibrant-for that I’m thankful.

Today seems like it could be a lovely day. I have a big presentation in tonight’s class, but I’m feeling strangely not-nervous. Hopefully that’s a good sign. And it’s pick up day for my CSA veggies, so that’s a nice little trip to the North Market. Mmmmm sweet potatoes….


4 thoughts on “Rainy lady about town

  1. Yeah, I was thinking to myself since I don’t do lots of adventuring anymore, I should work on photographing some of the more mundane parts of my life. So in the future I can look back at ye olde blog and go 1. awww pictures, i remember that thing/place/time! and 2. i sure was a whiner when i was in grad school.

    And buy a used fancy dslr! Totally worth it a few hundred bucks.

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