to market, to market

I’ve been enjoying my jaunts to the North Market on Tuesday mornings to pick up my CSA goodies (this week: sweet potato, red fingerling taters, “English” cucumber, more chard, savoy spinach, romaine lettuce, and two pears!) Even though I go around 9 am, the business folk are already at work, the little boutiques and restaurants in the Short North are still closed, and the city is quiet. It seems like everyone is just waking up and getting started with their day, opening their shops and airing out the spaces. While it’s hard to try to take photos with an arm full of groceries, walking quickly to get to the bus stop on time, attempting to not look like a weirdo, and maybe sweating a little because the constant threat of thunderstorms means I wear a jacket but it’s still 70 degrees out there (but I digress!)-I managed to catch a few yesterday.

I even managed to have a little sit-down for some studying outside the market in the early morning light before I wandered back down to the bus stop. Sometimes making a schedule based around a bus, rather than the imminent freedom of movement allowed with a car means that I am forced to take my time and enjoy whatever is around me (well, either that or complain some more, but this is one thing I generally don’t mind about my public transport-ridden lifestyle). Spring mornings in the city-a beautiful thing.


4 thoughts on “to market, to market

  1. Aw, thank you so much Birdie! I’m going over right now to check you out. Ohio bloggers sticking together! 🙂

  2. So you’re moving? That’s so exciting! Cbus is such a good medium-sized city. I swear by it:) Congrats on the job!

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