I have my camera on me most of the time. And sometimes I meet a friend for drinks while I have my camera in my bag, and we get free glowsticks because some whiskey company wants us to buy stuff, and we take those glowsticks and take pictures with them.

I don’t think anything as exciting as glowstick pictures will happen to me this weekend. But that’s okay. Also, posting these pictures made me think of this song:

In sum: happy weekend! Tonight I’ll be going to some sort of family dinner with the step-grandparents for their wedding anniversary at what my dad calls “a trough”, which I take to be a buffet of some sort. Which is pretty cute, in my opinion (the wedding anniversary, not the trough). I’m also planning on seeing Bridesmaids this weekend because it looks hilarious. Raunchy female-centric comedy? yes, please.


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