Burger Date





That’s my dude, being all filmed and famous and whatnot! He had to stay late for work last night due to some sort of filming that they’re doing, so I came to meet him and watch for a bit. Isn’t he handsome?

After that we had plans to go see the new X-Men, but in the end decided against it. I’m still recovering from my bout with illness (almost there!) and we would have had to rush so instead we moseyed over in my weakened state to a very nice little grill and had a drink and fancy sandwiches. And the best grilled mushrooms ever. I think. Actually I’m not sure, I couldn’t really smell or taste anything.


I’m actually almost embarrassed by the lack of things that I’ve done since I arrived in the UK. Should be working on my portfolio/thesis-haven’t. Should be running-haven’t/can’t (except for once). Instead, I’ve been passionately lazy. But maybe that’s okay. I’ve been on vacation for two weeks. It’s really not that long. Now next week…yeah! All get all kinds of stuff done! Uh huh.



6 thoughts on “Burger Date

  1. Girl, reading your last post made me ashamed of my extreme laziness! If anyone deserves to join in the lazy party, you do Ev. Hope you get to soon:)

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