Healthy Eating

In contrast (or not?) to the last post, I have in fact stepped up my workouts lately. I joined a gym right next to Jon’s work, which has been great! It’s a fighting gym, and therefore is full of ultra buff, ultimate fighting dudes with giant muscles. Also, some ladies, but not that many. They have boxing and fighting classes, which I hope to take advantage of to work out my rage issues (or just to get a good sweat on!). Awesome. Included with my membership was a meeting with a trainer. He asked me what I’m looking to do with myself and then led me through a full on workout, which nearly killed me. It was great. I have been sore all week. I am a person who does kettle bells now!  Anyway, the point of this post is that the excessive working out also makes me excessively hungry. And you know what that calls for? FISH AND CHIPS.

And by fish, I mean veggie sausages. But still, very British. And delicious. And no, I didn’t eat all those chips, but I tried my best!



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