Microbrew Festival at the North Market

Yesterday I partook in a bit of day drinking with friends, but for a good cause-supporting local microbreweries! The Microbrew Festival took place inside the North Market and the vibe was great. Plenty of breweries to choose from too-Elevator, CBC, Barley’s, Neil House, Weasel Boy and a few others hawking their old favorites and seasonals. Lots of people sampling the brews, and for a $20 entry fee you received 10 drink tickets, a commemorative pint glass, and a $5 voucher to use at any of the vendors inside the market. A great deal! Each of the breweries had several offerings and depending on how many tickets you exchanged, you could have a 1/4 pint (1 ticket), a 2/3 pint (2 tickets), or a full pour (4 tickets, usually, although some specials brews were as much as 12 tickets for a full pint!). I never gave more than two tickets (half glass) but those bartenders were heavy on the pour, believe you me. Someone was a bit tipsy when the festival closed up shop at 7 pm.

In other news-I can’t use my DSLR because the cord is lost and I usually use Jon’s to charge the battery. I have a cord in the mail, freshly ordered from Amazon, so then at least the picture quality will go back to normal for all the asinine shit I take pictures of. Excited? Oh yeah! Now it’s back to my regularly scheduled Sunday of sitting around watching dvds and playing on the internet.


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