Red red wine

       There are two places that I was supposed to be tonight. Two different parties at two different places. And yet here I am, drinking my second glass of pinot noir and watching old episodes of Bones on netflix. Today was a chilly, icky day, full of sporadic rain storms and heavy wind. I spent most of it at the coffee shop, getting things done, doin’ my business. I’m still not sure that I won’t go anywhere this evening (it’s not even 10 yet, after all), but I already ordered a pizza and ate half of that pizza, so that’s something to check off my list. We’ll see where the rest of the night goes. Probably nowhere. Maybe my bed.




2 thoughts on “Red red wine

  1. I know what it’s like to have somewhere to go but prefer to be home. Home can be SO cosy. We’re raining here in Australia too at the moment, though it’s supposed to be spring.

  2. the opposite seasons you guys have always confuse me! we’re just getting into some cooler weather finally, and it’s october tomorrow! i bet you’re glad for the spring though:)

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