Happy 2012! (Some photos from our low key celebration)

Hope everyone is settling well into the New Year! I myself have been busy 1) trying to be a normal person and 2) trying to find a job. I have applied for several here and there, and while job searching is always a total ego crusher, I was, in fact, offered a job yesterday. And then I couldn’t take it because they wanted me to drive around to various universities in the South/South East. And I don’t have a car, nor am I at all comfortable driving around in England. Not yet anyway. So…womp womp.  I don’t want to get too down in the dumps yet about it, but I really hope I find something soon. It’s depressing being a housewife in a place where there is already someone doing those things! At least if we had our own place I could busy myself with domesticity (which I do actually enjoy) but…not yet. Communal living, man. So I busy myself with job hunting and house hunting and being annoyed at the lack of sunshine. The sun sets at 4 pm here. So early. It’s been raining a lot in the past week (no surprise there) but at least it’s not very cold. I heard that it was snowing in Ohio and a twinge of sadness struck. Tomorrow morning I’m going to a crafty/knitting and chatting group with Jon’s mom and some old ladies. I should fit right in!


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