Easter lunch with the In-Laws


Highlights: finding out that Jon’s grandpa shares a name with Don King. Seriously. I don’t know how I didn’t know that tidbit of awesome. Lime and mascarpone pie. Watching the old folks drift off to sleep intermittently post-meal, waking up to yell about young folks not being able to read because they have tv and computers (should I mention that the two of them are both nearly 90?). Yelling things repeatedly because Granny King is nearly deaf. Wiping Granny King’s lipstick off of Jon’s cheek, like it’s the 50s or something. Seeing Spud and Maxi again. I’ve missed those dogs since they left!

Non-highlight: the craptastic weather. Rain and wind. Lots of it. And then taking the cold train home to find our walk from the station to be even windier and rainier!


At last, we’re home now. I’ve already switched to the salmon colored sweatpants that Jon hates because my jeans we’re soaked. We’re camped out with our laptops and books and I’d say we’re in for the rest of the afternoon/evening. Tomorrow Jon’s back to work and I’m back to….stuff. Woo hoo bank holiday!


One thought on “Easter lunch with the In-Laws

  1. i remember reading the prayer name when we were steady church goers. i could hear the padre cringe behind me when i would announce on easter and christmas…” we are open every sunday not just easter and christmas”. gotta love some church humor. i must admit, i used to come wid it! je t’aime.lyb,d.

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