Home sweet home

Coming back from Nottingham yesterday was the first time I had the feeling of being excited to go “home”  and having home mean Brighton. It was and is strange and indicative of the fact that maybe-maaaybe-I’m getting used to this place, and may even like it a tad. Home. Or maybe just a different version of it.

So Nottingham, eh? After that big night out on Friday, we slept in (almost wrote “had a lie-in” like Jon/british people say, but Americanized it for the fam and friends at home that I assume make up most of my dear readers, haha) and slowly ventured out for some shopping. It was, again, rainy and cold-like every day I was up North! But Penny knew of so many fabulous vintage/second hand/all around awesome shops that I was pleased as punch. Unfortunately it turned into one of those things where I wanted to save my money and skipped buying interesting things in the beginning in hopes I’d find something cooler later-only to regret that decision when the shops closed and I’d bought nothing. At least I saved money? But I’d carefully budgeted! Ah…disappointment. image




Since Saturday was actually Penny’s birthday, we went out to an amazing curry dinner with a bunch of her friends. Seriously, ridiculously tasty. I was dying of pleasure. And it was cheap! The English south-or at least Sussex- is so expensive, I think I’ve gotten used to it (not like I have much to compare to) so the differences in prices was a pleasant surprise. image


After dinner was, you guessed it, another night out!  Dancing and drinking a giant drink out of a sand castle bucket. For real. I had to cab it home before the birthday girl because-let’s face it-I’m old and can’t stay out so late multiple nights in a row. Not like I cut out all that early, it was 2 am! I was falling asleep on the dance floor. So yes, Penny is a professional birthday party lady. I taxied home alone to her house and freaked myself out with thoughts of someone breaking in while I was the only one there. But I had a train to catch in the morning! I needed to sleep! And even though British pubs close really early, like midnight or earlier, British clubs stay open foreverrrrrrrr. imageSo that’s about it! I woke up early. My 5 hour train ride home was infinitely more pleasant than my bus ride up. Lesson learned! Worth the extra money and much faster ( and it’s surprisingly not a huge difference in price, so I won’t be playing the cheap hero next time). Of course today Penny tells me that Nottingham was gorgeous and sunshiney and full of win, so I guess I just have bad travel luck (such as that Norris family holiday to Derbyshire a few summers ago…rained the whole time!). I have to say-I like the North. Thanks for a good time Penny and Nottingham and all the lovely people therein!image

Oh hey creepy smoke stack/nuclear reactor/ cooling towers. You look diabolical. I still think you are.


Famous Nottingham lions of some sort? image


Homeward travels, hanging out in various London tube stations. image


And finally it was home sweet home. The sun was shining and Jon made me one of his best dishes-halloumi Wellington. Nom nom nom. I missed him so! And I, apparently, missed my home, Brighton. I love to be beside the seaside, as they say. imageAnd today I started my new job! It was hectic and satisfying, and it is the fanciest dressed group of ESL teachers that I have ever met so I need to step up my sartorial game. A welcome challenge. I have gone from some freelance writing and a lot of downtime, to a regular job plus freelance writing and it’s going to be a big transition. I hope I’m ready.



5 thoughts on “Home sweet home

  1. hey i had that dandelion drink at world market once. so delicious! also, countdown is on: 37 days until france, which means like 40something days until i see you!

  2. I’m surprised you didn’t visit platform 9 and three quarters at Kings Cross (yes they have one now).

  3. I’m not THAT lame Jon. I would only do that if i were on the official Harry Potter tour!

  4. hope you’re ready? you have been and always shall be ready! kickass,take names, succeed!!! je t’aime.lyb,d

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