A break from the gray

Today the sun came out!image

It was kind of miraculous really. Today was a bank holiday but alas, I had to work.  And I went to work… grudgingly. The streets were bare and the city looked like a ghost town at 8:30-the only other people out and about looked as miserable as I did. No one wants to work on a bank holiday! It was rainy and icky though-like it’s been for weeks-so it wasn’t like we were missing on a sunny, beautiful day off. However, as I finished up my  last class at 2:45-the sun made it’s appearance. And stayed that way. Miracle!image



Jon met me at work. We spent the rest of the day in the sun (along with the rest of England). I took my coat off and soaked up that vitamin D and it was just what I needed-I don’t know how long it’s going to take me to get used to the minimal (MINIMAL!) time that the sun shows it’s face around here, but four months has not been enough. It may never happen. Apparently I need a pretty high allocation of sunshiney days per month, hot or cold though those days may be, to not want to die or curl up in a ball under a heat lamp. Tomorrow it’s supposed to go back to overcast, cold, and rainy. but at least we had a break. A beautiful half day of sunshine and warm (ish) temperatures!


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