Hanging out in the Royal Pavilion Gardens

My work commute in the mornings consists of a nice 15 walk across Brighton to a building that is across the street from the Royal Pavilion, a former royal residence done in a 19th century Indo-Saracenic style (Wikipedia told me that!) . Conjuring images of the Tah Mahal in the middle of an English beach city,it’s a cool looking place. I have yet to go inside (I keep meaning to, really, they have tours and art exhibitions) but I haven’t yet. I have, however, made it a regular stop for lunch or after work chill reading time now that the weather has summerized itself.

Brighton Royal PavilionRoyal Pavilion BrightonRoyal Pavilion GardensSo many beautiful flowers. Seriously.

Royal Pavilion GardensRoyal Pavilion GardensRoyal Pavilion GardensWith all of it’s beauty and space, it is unfortunately crazy busy most of the time that the sun is out. Student groups, business people on their lunch break, dudes with guitars, people who enjoy day drinking on the grass, buskers in boater hats….good for people watching, I guess? I took these pictures earlier in the week before the temperature jumped up-today you could barely move for people sprawled everywhere!

Pretty cool, huh?

Brighton Royal PavilionBrighton Royal PavilionIt’s always nice to have another place to go with a book and an ipod and just chill (but only after taking an allergy pill, if you’re like me and allergic to most of the outdoors). Worth it.


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