Kemptown Carnival and a Norfolk Square party

So I missed last weekend’s multiple festivities, but not so this weekend! Starting on Friday there was a ridiculous amount of hurricane-like winds. It was crazy. And that wind was only slightly less gusty on Saturday. But on Saturday the sun came out-so that settled the matter of venturing outside. Seems that around these parts,if the sun comes out, you better get outside, wind or not, because it won’t be around for long. Case in point-we’ve been inside all day having a quiet, cozy Sunday while the rains pour outside. So long story short, we made the most of Saturday by making it to not one, but two little carnival/fairs in Brighton. image

First was a local block party in the green park across the street from us. The neighbors came out, there was swing dancing and various performers throughout the day, and a few stalls set up with local vendors. There was also ice cream. It was a small affair, and we didn’t stay for long before trekking across town. image


And the trek across town brought us to the Kemptown Carnival. We wandered around, saw a bunch of different musicians/bands/djs (different ones on every street corner!) and ate some discount cheesecake that we got for a steal because the marginal heat was melting it-yay! I also saw Morris dancers for the first time. I don’t know much about them, but they are men that dance with sticks and wear bells on their calves. I enjoyed it. image


imageThe wind finally called it quits much, much later on in the evening, but by then we were back home, making dinner. Low funds call for a lot of evenings at home, know what I mean? Either way, I’m more than happy to be near to so many sites for people watching, wandering, and spending (not enough) time in the sun with my favorite husband, all for free.


And here, a little video I shot of the Morris dancers, just so you guys can see what it’s like. Cheerful!


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