Over the fabulous weekend

Ugh, this weekend was so awesome. It was the best we’ve had in a long time. It was finally hot outside (with sunshine and warmth all in one! what?? that never happens!). So it really just seemed like summer. We took advantage of the day and basically wandered around Brighton, doing all there is to do on a gorgeous Saturday in this city.

Keep in mind we didn’t actually leave the house until nearly 2…I slept in until almost noon (high fives!) and Jon had heard it might rain, and was scared to head out too early. But it never did (huge surprise, I know). Eventually we wandered out and got a coffee at Small Batch, our favorite. Then we wandered around the North Laine street market, which is the best thing to do on a Saturday. And I always forget cash, which is lame, so I rarely buy any of the goodies that I want to. Next week I swear I won’t forget! Anyway, after the market, Colin, Jon and I got some frozen yogurt at Lick’s and went to the Pavilion Gardens to watch people. We saw some crazy children tormenting the pigeons and sea gulls (see the photo below for proof of Jon and Colin’s response to that), and then moved the sitting/people watching party to the rocky beach, where we were joined by most of Brighton.

After Colin hit the train back to Hassocks, Jon and I decided it was time for a pint. So we went to find a pub down a side road and stumbled upon Craft Beer Co. right down from our house! It. Is. Great. Like a more English version of Bodega, for my Columbus readers. I look forward to going back! Kal met us for a drink there, and after that it was dinner time and watching Bridesmaids on dvd time.


Great Saturday, right?? I know! I don’t have any hopes for another like it in the near future, but I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed.


2 thoughts on “Over the fabulous weekend

  1. it was vinyl, with someone reading it! i am buying it if it’s there next time. i have to!

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