Sussex Prairie Gardens

Sussex Prairie Gardens

Last Monday was a bank holiday (I love English bank holidays, with no reason or rhyme behind them except for the joy of a day off) and Jon and I joined his parents for a little trip to a place outside of Brighton called the Sussex Prairie Gardens.  I know it’s a little nerdy, but I really love spending an afternoon in a nicely curated garden, leisurely strolling around and then drinking some tea. Although I’m one of those weirdos who doesn’t actually like the smell of flowers. Beautiful? Yes. Nicely fragrant? Nuhuh.

Sussex Prairie Gardens

Knowing very little about what goes into curating and growing a big fancy garden, I find pretty much everything impressive, but apparently this garden was made to resemble the prairies found in America. Lots of long grasses blowing in the wind, etc. I bet it’d be even more gorgeous in the mid-summer when the colors are more vibrant and less of it has died off.

This place also had sheep and pigs lazing about, which was amazing. Of course we said hello to both species. And it turns out Jon’s dad is some sort of pig whisperer-I was stroking the pigs and we were just hanging out, then he came along, started petting two of them, and they flung themselves at his feet. Secret skills!

Look at this face!

Sussex Prairie Gardens Pig

On a side note this little excursion reminded me of how lucky I am to have nice in-laws who I look forward to hanging out with. Getting married is weird enough, and looking back on everything that has happened so far I’m actually grateful that Jon and I had the opportunity to spend time living with his parents (I know, I know, it’s weird). Otherwise, as a foreigner how else would I have gotten to know his parents? There’s no popping to another country for a family barbecue/birthday or two. No casual hangouts. If I’d never stayed with them the summers that I came to England then it’s perfectly logical that I may have only met Jon’s parents a handful of times before we tied the knot. And it makes me a little sad that he hasn’t been able to spend as much time with my parental units as I have with his. As it is, my family is so quintessentially American and loud and welcoming-Jon’s family is much more British and quiet and spending so much time with them has given me the opportunity to break through the shell. So on that little tangent-this was another nice little adventure with the Norris family, and I’m glad I get to hang out with them sometimes. Cheers to good in-laws!

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