CELTA week 2 ends tomorrow. We’re at the halfway point, and we’re down to 6 (out of 7) teacher trainers. One quit on Tuesday. I have seen three grown people cry (and none of those criers were the trainees that quit, surprisingly enough). I’m doing alright in the course. More than alright, really, thankfully. I’ve gotten marked “above standard” for one assessed lesson, which I’m particularly pleased with, and other than that it’s stressful but plodding right along. According to the trainers, week 3 is the worst-we switch our afternoon teaching groups, so those who were teaching pre-intermediate lessons move up to teaching upper-intermediate and vice versa, and there are more assessed lessons plus two large assignments due all between Monday and Thursday. One trainer joked today that week 3 is when “we start wearing bullet-proof jackets”. Goodness. So I’ve cancelled my Halloween plans for the weekend (i know! and as i’ve mentioned before, Halloween isn’t as big here, so being invited to my awesome friend Keely’s equally awesome undead rockstar Halloween party and then having to decline is heart-freakin-breaking, let me tell you) and am sequestering myself with red wine and my laptop for three days to make magic happen. This is the real climax, I think. If I make it past week three, it’s all downhill (in a good way) from there.

In other news….oh wait, there is no other news. This is my life right now. At least the leaves have turned yellow. But where is the red? It is the thing I miss most right now-the blazing red of autumn. Its void is noticed.

5 thoughts on “Currently

  1. great job Ashley! I know you will be fine well the weather finally changed here got cold and rainy today. thank god I mowed yesterday. hopefully we can skype for a few minutes this weekend I finally got the whole weekend OFF. I know we haved missed each other lately but it would be nice to talk for a few minutes love you

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