A Christmas Cookie Party

One of my favorite, warm-fuzzy Christmas memories from my childhood was our annual Christmas cookie making. My sister, my mom, my grandma and I, all piled in Grandma Monk’s tiny kitchen, the tiny old-fashioned radio blaring Grandma’s preferred tunes of the 50s and 60s, flour and powdered sugar and colored icing and cookie cutters everywhere. We made snowmen and trees, snowflakes and stars and santas, too. So many tuppperware boxes full of our productions, enough to last for weeks until there were only a few sad, stale little treats left.

christmas cookies

I’ve made Christmas cookies every year, in every place I’ve found myself when the holiday season rolls around. It’s my little way of going back to that time, when I was young, in my grandmother’s kitchen, with my favorite women. And some day I’ll do it with my own kids-but that’s still pretty far away, I think.

christmas cookies

This year Jon and I invited some of our friends over for some casual cookie making, accompanied by hot chocolate (with a bit of Bailey’s in it) and some mulled wine. We listened to some records, made high art (as seen above, some people are so artistic!) and watched some fun holiday movies and cooking shows on tv.

Jon and Amy were very excited by what they managed to do with their cookie and icing canvases!

And Lois and Jess both contributed stellar cookie cutters to our menagerie, with a cat and some ninjas, respectively. These ladies have skills!

Making the most out of the counters in our tiny flat was a difficult task. Basically every available surface was used, and covered in flour or sugar or wine or something.

christmas cookies

It was especially nice having Kal and Amy over-they’re moving to Oman on Wednesday and we are seriously sad about it. I’d say “don’t leave” but it’s such a good opportunity for them…we’ll miss these two dearly.

Even though we sent a lot of cookies home with our friends, we’ve got a few dozen still left. But cookies and coffee for breakfast is totally okay for this time of year, yes?


On a family, but not cookie related note, last night was made even better by a post-cookie party Skype session with my new nephew! More specifically with my mom and sister and a very sleepy, very new tiny nephew, plus my brother-in-law, stepfather and rambunctious niece. It was a rowdy Skype. And it’s not the same as cookie making in the same kitchen with my family, but it was nice to at least be able to talk to these crazy people that I love.


3 thoughts on “A Christmas Cookie Party

  1. it was really fun talking to you guys. not the same as having you here of course but I will take what I can get. Your cookies look amazing! looks like you had a fun evening. love you

  2. I keep seeing posts about Christmas cookie parties everywhere and they sound like so much fun — if only Paris kitchens weren’t so small and more of my friends had ovens!

  3. our kitchen is part of our lounge, haha-hence cookies on every surface! but we made it work. i love a good christmas cookie party:)

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