our christmas

We had a lovely, if a bit melancholy on my part, Christmas. I’m so bad at being away from home around the holidays! It’s not as if I’m dying to be back in Ohio, but as it is I think I’m doing fine, I’m spending time with Jon and we’re opening presents and running around doing all the Christmassy things and then-bam!-I’m crying in Jon’s old bedroom at his parents’ house on Christmas eve because I miss my mom.

Expat life, dudes. Harrumph.

But really, our Christmas was nice. This was perhaps the first year ever that I ticked nearly every box in the imaginary checklist in my mind of what I want to do before the big day arrives-make and send good cards to people I love, buy and wrap (and ship) presents, make cookies, drink mulled wine, have various get togethers, wear fabulous sweaters, decorate and enjoy our tree, watch all my favorite Christmas movies…..all of it. It’s quite a list. And this year, without stressing, it all came together. And I’m thankful for that, and for a nice partner who indulges my childlike enjoyment of this season.


Jon and I actually exchanged gifts a few days before Christmas due to our work schedules and plans for the week. We don’t really go all out generally speaking, just a few things for each other, and this year was really successful! Check out my fabulous pug sweater from Jon! He also got me a really thoughtful and beautiful art print, framed, that I love. He’s great.

Contrary to the culturally expected night out at the pub on Christmas eve, we didn’t have anyone around to go to the pub with, so we just hung out with Jon’s parents and had dinner and a quiet evening in. On Christmas day we woke up late and spent the day doing the usual eat/drink/layabout while watching everything on tv thing. It was nice and I even got to skype with my family, which cheered me up a bit. Well, that and my drinking all the red wine in the house helped (thanks in-laws!). We did more of the same on Boxing day, except Jon’s adorable grandparents came too. And there was ham, and there was much rejoicing. I love ham.

A rainy scene greeted me on Christmas morning. No white Christmases in England, folks.

Champagne and a cheerful table cloth.


Oh Spud. He was a bit annoyed by all the commotion and mostly hid behind the sofa.

Tis the season….to paint your nails with glitter and wear pretty lipstick.

Familial hangouts-Jon loves ’em.

And a sleepy Norris is all tuckered out from the big day. Or all the food he ate.


Now we’re a mere three days away from the new year. Three days! We’ve got plans, and I’m so looking forward to them.

One thought on “our christmas

  1. love you!!! I missed you so much this year next year for sure. Holidays are never the same without you. The kids had fun though hope to Skype tomorrow.

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