Hey hey, I’m Ashley! I started writing this blog way back in 2009 to keep in touch with my family and loved ones while I made a big life move-from Ohio over to South Korea to teach ESL to small Korean children. I kept on writing when I returned to the States for grad school and as I maintained a long-distance relationship with my now-husband, a saucy Brit I met when we were both in Korea. It was kind of crazy! And now I’ve moved to England with my husband after finishing my degree (an MA in Multicultural education, if you’re interested, which I’m sure you’re not, but if you’d like to give me a kickass job I’m open to the idea!) and we’re just kickin’ it here for the indefinite future, finally getting to build a life together in the same country. I’m still writing-no immediate plans to stop! I’ve lived here and there around the way-in South Korea, the Marshall Islands, France, and some other places. I write about my life, which includes food, expat living (and specifically what it’s like for an American living in the UK), traveling, feminism, music, life in Brighton…all sorts of things. I take lots of pictures, but sometimes I just ramble. I’m always open to chit chat, so feel free to message me at sheets(dot)ashley(at)gmail(dot)com. Much love and peace.


5 thoughts on “Ashley

  1. Hey Ashley!!!
    I left a comment with the niece pic. I’ve never seen a sight like this or been involved with “blog”s before. Can I post a pic to it of your dad and me and Al? I could send it to you in your e-mail if I had it, just wanted to share it with you.


  2. I don’t really know. I think so, but you’d have to experiment a little with the buttons on your end of things. I’ll look into it though, and if you can’t do it on the blog, just email it to me at I’d love to see it!

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  4. Hi Ashley,

    I work at Melissa’s World Variety Produce in Los Angeles, CA and saw a question & answer article in the Feb edition of Korea Agra Food with you in it. We procure Korean Pears for the last 7 years and work with the Korean Trade Commission as well.

    There may a place for you to do some work for us in the future, like writing articles for us.

    I will stay in touch….

    Kenny Kataoka

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  5. Hi Kenny,

    Yes, that sounds like a lovely opportunity, and something I’d enjoy doing. Please do stay in touch!


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