Feminist Friday #21

A vote for continued inequality in the Church of England was cast this week, and I think the London Feminist did a thoughtful analysis of the problem with that. http://londonfeminist.com/site/women-bishops-and-why-we-should-care/

“A new study on violence against women conducted over four decades and in 70 countries reveals the mobilization of feminist movements is more important for change than the wealth of nations, left-wing political parties, or the number of women politicians.”  High fives!
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The CDC has reported that abortion rates in the USA have fallen by 5%, which is the biggest drop in a decade. This is being chalked up to women being more diligent with their use of birth control during rough economic times, but I also think it demonstrates the importance of easily accessible birth control/family planning (especially for a country with so many citizens against abortion for any reason-can’t very well be against both bc and abortion, right? right??)  http://news.yahoo.com/us-abortions-fall-5-pct-biggest-drop-decade-171356037.html

Why, Price is Right, why???? A former model on the show was just reward $7 million in punitive damages because she was sexually harassed and then fired when the show found out she was pregnant. C’mon. C’mon, seriously. We’re still doing this? http://jezebel.com/5962743/the-price-of-firing-a-price-is-right-model-while-she-was-pregnant-about-7-million 

A very interesting, heartbreaking experiment. http://youwontlivethisonedown.tumblr.com/post/36030515373/last-week-as-part-of-a-cultural-discovery-project

Feminist Friday: American election edition!

Let’s see how the ladiezz did in the US election, shall we? (hint: awesome!) And with a woman friendly President still in office (Obama 2012, hollaaaa), I’m legitimately feeling hopeful about the future of my country. And honestly, just thankful that a very, very stressful election season is over.

This election saw the first disabled woman, the first openly lesbian woman, and the first Asian woman elected to the Senate. Hot damn! That’s progress. Now we’ve still only got 19 women out of the 100 Senators in there…coughcough….but progress is progress. And with several states legalizing gay marriage, this was one hell of an election year. Onward and upward ya’ll.

The most women we’ve ever had in the US senate have been elected: http://blisstree.com/live/ladies-night-election-ushers-in-record-number-of-female-senators-197/#ixzz2BYHMzh8Y  andhttp://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/11/07/women-senate-2012-election_n_2086093.html

Suck it, Team Rape. http://jezebel.com/5958480/team-rape-lost-big-last-night http://feministing.com/2012/11/07/yay-obama-won-big-last-night-so-howd-all-those-gop-rape-apologist-candidates-do/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter


In New Hampshire, women are running the joint. http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/nov/07/new-hampshire-female-governor-maggie-hassan-emilys-list

Misogyny takes a beating, and we breathe a collective sigh of relief. http://www.thenation.com/blog/171089/misogyny-went-down-defeat-last-night

And finally, what American women had to say to Republicans:

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Suffragettes and modern women: fighting the same old fight nearly 100 years later

Really. Go read this article, and think about why we are still having these same discussions, with such little change in content, nearly 100 years later regarding the rights and abilities of women in America. Think about this when you go to the polls on Tuesday.

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The messages you find on anti-suffrage postcards from the 1910s are not dissimilar from what you might hear from Rush Limbaugh or Bill O’Reilly today in the 2010s. Suffragettes were drawn as conniving coquettes, ugly, mean spinsters or, worse, ugly, mean wives who left their families helpless as they attended town-hall meetings. Scenes of women politicians showed them hatching diabolical plots to undermine and emasculate men further. In England, particularly offensive cards took sadomasochistic delight in the force-feeding, while sympathetic cards depicted women as beat-up cats, referring to the Cat and Mouse Act.

“Married Suffragettes were depicted as nagging wives, that was a common one, and the wife was always big, and the husband tiny and puny,” Purvis says. “Or, if they were single, Suffragettes were depicted as very ugly women with big feet, protruding teeth, hair pulled back in a bun, and glasses. They were depicted as quite mannish and unattractive so that no man would want to marry them.”

“Even when you hear some of the contemporary discourse about the conservative women who go into politics, when you listen to the Michele Bachmanns or the Sarah Palins, there are strong connections back to the arguments and ideologies of the Remonstrants. Should women with school-age children work? Who is the primary giver in the home? Should men co-parent? Yeah, we’re having the same debates.”

Now, in 2012, it’s possible the women’s vote could effect the outcome the U.S. presidential election. You would think we’d also have moved beyond gender stereotypes depicted in these postcards, but they’re still strong. In fact, in the past year, a lot of breathless articles have been passed around declaring “the end of men.” American women, it seems, have gone and reduced the male population to sniveling man-children, just by making small advances in academics and business.


I, for one, am tired of fighting this fight.

Feminist Friday #19 (okay, it’s on a Saturday, sorry)

I know I know. It has been a loooooong week. But just watch this video and keep on enjoying your weekend:)

And this article, which appeals to every educational/social justice loving bone in my body. Why is this happening? http://www.chicagoreader.com/chicago/cook-county-schools-racial-diversity-and-segregation/Content?oid=7669705&showFullText=true

Feminist Friday #18

Dudes, starting back up with the FF series was maybe not the best idea right before starting this course. I’ve been busy as all get out this week, but here’s a few bits and pieces I managed to bookmark while running around like a crazy person.

Women (like Eva Longoria and Scarlett Johansson) talking about women’s issues and the upcoming election. Check out the video.

Mormon feminists aren’t super into Romney, it turns out.

12 year old girl genius, woo woo! I love me some successful young ladies.

I don’t always agree with Lindy West, but this is right on target. Why are we fighting a “culture war” with people who don’t even believe we’re equal to them in the first place? It’s not a discussion that needs nuanced participation from the likes of people like me because no matter what, THEY ARE WRONG. And I’m tired of having to talk sense into hateful idiots because “everyone has an opinion” or some such nonsense. If your opinion is that stupid, I’m not talking to you. Go away. You suck, and the war on women is real, unlike the “war on religion”.


And with that, back to my red wine and Hocus Pocus. I am exhausted.