Things that happened this week:

-I commuted five days in a row from Hayward’s Heath to Brighton. It more than doubled the commute I’m used to. Easy 15-30 minute walk from front door to school, bam! Now: 20 minute walk to station, 20 minutes on train, 15 walk to work from station. Other people have it far worst…but whew! It’s tiring, and quite a change. More time for train reading though, a tiny silver lining.

-The commuting made me extra sleepy.

– I devoured the thriller ‘Gone Girl’, a book which left me impressed by its can’t-put-it-down factor and myriad twists and turns, but disappointed by it’s ridiculously unbelievable/frustrating ending.

-I began teaching a group of 15 year old Polish teenagers. They are so very teenage-y that I can’t help but laugh in-between giving them stern looks and reminding them that they aren’t stupid so they don’t need to act that way.

-The snow melted. It disappeared so quickly after its few days of covering our little space, and left behind only spring in the (still so brisk) breeze. No longer freezing. Just cold. And the sun even came out yesterday (and disappeared today). Now there’s no telling what’s left of winter. Another snow? More and more rain? Or is it almost gone now?

-Jon and I got new phones! I (we) are in love. I can do all sorts of things again, and I am feeling very warm/fuzzy about the technology that is available to me. The world is a crazy place, man.