Snow and Moving House

We’re all moved and getting settled back in our old place (coughcough-in-laws-coughcough) and now that we’re here I’m feeling a lot better about the whole thing. Determined. I don’t think anyone pictures being roommates with anyone at all after getting married-let alone with family-but it really is a good opportunity for us to take care of business, and it’s nice of Jon’s parents to welcome us here. So I’m keeping my chin up, dammit. Besides, it was our decision, and even that is a privilege. We are lucky. We will make the most of this.

Snow finally arrived in England the day we left our flat. And it was beautiful. I thought it would be a light dusting, but it just kept coming! If Jon hadn’t been so ill, and if we hadn’t been in the midst of moving, I would have liked to take a seaside walk in the snow. Alas, that didn’t happen.

Just the beginning of the hours of snow that followed.

Pigeons cowering against the building across the street, huddled for warmth.

I love when people use umbrellas in the snow. It’s weirdly adorable.


However, the view is far different up north in the quiet bit of small village that is Lindfield, our new/old home. It  snowed all day and we woke up to this yesterday morning…a still, peaceful, gorgeous winter wonderland.



And that vignette, my friends, is enough to cheer any girl up.

Snowy Sunday

Last night, the first snow of the year came-and the first snow of the winter too! This meant a somewhat treacherous drive for us back from Ikea in Croydon (a mere 45 minutes away, much easier than the 2 hour drive from Columbus to Cinci!) since everyone in England freaks out as the first flakes hit the pavement.  I can’t quite blame them, what with their tiny cars and narrow roads. The snow continued through the night, but today’s slightly warmer temperatures have already begun a big melt. I think it will all be gone in a day or two-but then it’s supposed to drop to freezing again, so who knows what will happen. We took advantage of the winter wonderland this morning, walking into the village to go to the shop to grab some things for lunch and check out what everyone else was doing. With it being Sunday and all, there were a lot of people wandering around, making snowmen, playing with their dogs and/or small children, and sledding.

A little help walking via holding the hood of his little coat!

Lindfield Common, where the magic happens.

Really need to invest in some wellies.


Stupid seagulls, all creepin.

And finally, what happens when the lightest snow dusts the streets of the South East? Everyone FREAKS OUT.


Fortunately there was still broccoli, and stilton, and with this I made a delicious soup-perfect for the first (only?) snowy day of the year. Oh, and this guy was hanging out, just chilling, wearing a cool coat and waiting for his owner to buy some groceries.