Village Day in Lindfield

Even though we are now official residents of Brighton, on Saturday Jon and I left our busy city lives (ha!) and took the train up to Hayward’s Heath for a visit to Jon’s hometown-well, home village, technically-for the purpose of a birthday lunch with the honorable Papa Norris and a mosey to the village common for LINDFIELD VILLAGE DAY! WEEEEEEE!image



imageLindfield, if I haven’t written that much about it before (although I;ve mentioned it a little bit, as you can see here) is a very quaint, fancy little village. It’s great, full of old people, and a visit serves a little bit like going back in time. Wikipedia tells me that Lindfield means “open field with lime trees”, but I didn’t know that there were lime trees there, and now I want to go back and check. Apparently every year Lindfield hosts a “Village Day” celebration on the Common (Common being what they call the main grassy park area). But because this year’s Village Day coincided with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, it was an exceptionally large-exceptionally patriotic-crowd. I took lots of stealth pictures of my favorite outfits, like an American ninja.

Lindfield Village Day 2012The Queen, accompanied by her corgis. Great outfit!

Besides well-dressed folks and children dressed as princesses left and right, there were also fun contests that had been held and whose winners were on display: Victoria Sponge (which is similar to pound cake in the States, with jam, yum), cardboard crowns, miniature gardens, and homemade booze. Fun, right?

Another magical part of Village Day-a dog show! And there were plenty of patriotic dogs in attendance, believe me.

So cute…so fat! This was my favorite dog of the day. He/she won the prize for “Dog judges most want to take home”.

Spud wasn’t into it. Nope. He’s on the lazy, judgmental side of things. And ignore those baggy eyes on me-I was ill!

So Village Day in Lindfield was lovely, ignoring the fact that I woke up with a case of sniffles and a sore throat that sadly progressed throughout the day-no doubt from my sniffly, no hand washing students! That meant an early night post-Lindfield and a quiet day of watching the Jubilee River Pageant yesterday with Jon-no gin and tonics for me. Today I’m feeling a little bit better, and I’m hoping for a full recovery by the end of the extra long weekend. No work until Wednesday!

Oh Lindfield. So quaint. The whole village was looking its best!

The only way to end a beautiful day of celebrating a proper English village…with a drink at the pub. Seems everyone else had the same idea!