Sour Patch Kids-a global conspiracy of deliciousness

I am a sour person. Not in personality, I hope, but anything with a tart explosion is bound to find it’s way into my mouth, particularly if offered next to a boring piece of chocolate cake/brownies/cookies, etc. Obviously I love cupcakes, a love which can be found sprinkled throughout the pages of this very blog, but seriously, who doesn’t love cupcakes. I’m just saying-sour has my heart. Lemon bars, lemon heads, lemon curd…basically anything lemony. And when it comes to candies in particular, Sour Patch Kids are my one true love. True story-I had my friend meet me at the airport when I came back from South Korea for one single week during my summer break, Sour Patch Kids in hand. Other true story-Lindsey brought me a big ol’ bag of Sour Patch Kids when we met up in Paris in June, and my mom sent a massive bag of the treats in my Christmas box this year. This love is real (and I know good people, don’t I?).

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