The Civil Wars at the Komedia

Last night was amazing. (I use that word a lot, don’t I?Maybe I should look into the use of a thesaurus. See also: awesome.)

The Civil Wars played to a sold out crowd and everyone was just astoundingly pleasant. The crowd was quite a mix-lots of old folks, lots of hipsters, a real gumbo of Americana/folk enthusiasts. My jaw dropped when the opening act began-a trio called Matthew and the Atlas. Mind-blowingly talented, those ones, and complete with a banjo and a violin. Not going to lie, I shed a tear or two. The music just breaks my heart and puts it back together again. I was also pleased to get the chance to bust out a pretty dress that I received at Christmas and hadn’t had the opportunity to wear yet. Jon said I looked like a 50’s housewife. Mission accomplished. I love a good pouf and an A-line skirt!

Jon and I realized last night that in the nearly 3 years that we’ve been sharing lives that we had yet to go to a “real” show together-something big, that involves buying tickets and anxiously counting down the days-no offense meant to all of our myriad friends that are in bands, who we love to go rock out to and support! So this was a real first for us. It’s about time! It was a magical, magical night.

Barton Hollow

Have you heard of The Civil Wars? They are an amazing duo who produce an intimate, smoky, gritty, folky sound that I have been absolutely obsessed with for oh….5 days now. I ordered their debut album on vinyl on Saturday night and am anxiously awaiting its arrival (while listening to it on my computer on repeat!). They are amazing.


Besides their original work, their covers of the Jackson 5’s “I want you back” and Leonard Cohen’s “Dance me to the end of love” are haunting, unexpected, and gorgeous. I seriously cannot speak highly enough of this band. Can you tell?