Playing tour guide (it’s hard when you’re foreign)

I should be packing my things to head back to Ohio on a plane tomorrow (sighs, mixed with happy?) but I’ve been thrown into a bit of a depression with this whole leaving-my-dude-behind-for-the-next-year-and-a-half thing, so I decided to spend my whole morning watching videos on Youtube of The Smiths/Morrissey, then some Nylon TV. And now I’ll do some blogging about the rest of Marisa’s visit. That’ll be good, and keep me from starting to cry again, like a big whiny baby.


Marisa was here for only 5 days, and it was a whirlwind 5 days, let me tell ya. We wandered around Lindfield, which is so lovely and picturesque, and Marisa loved it, just like I do. We did some jumping on the Common, some walking around, ate some curry. It was nice.

We took the train down to Brighton to hang out by the pier and enjoy a night out. Upon getting off the train we came across a free wine tasting, so we (of course) hit that up. All the wine-selling people were so nice and informative!

This guy was awesome.

Then on to the water!

Our day (and night) in Brighton was super fun and surprisingly enough, we woke up nice and early on Sunday morning with plenty of time to get the train home, wash up and get back on another train, this time bound for London.

Someone was sleeeeeepy.

Unfortunately, my camera battery died after day one, so part two of Marisa and Ashley’s London adventure (and the day which we navigated all by our lonesome, as Jon went back to HH on Sunday night to work the next day) has no photo documentation. But day one was fun! We took M for her first pub lunch, visited the Queen at Buckingham palace, did more jumping in some London parks,  went to Harrod’s, sat for a bit in Trafalgar Square watching a crazy little boy squirt water at pigeons….

Pub lunch?? What?

Mermaid impressions

Then Jon tried to throw me in the fountain. That’s love.

We stayed in the worst hotel ever, on the planet. More like a hostel, where people get murdered and dark goings-on happen on the regular. Thanks a lot for scheduling that one Juan. “It’s so cheap!” he says. Well, it’s cheap for a reason dude, and Marisa and I had to get a little bit drunk just to feel comfortable enough to fall asleep in that creepy, filthy room directly across from King’s Cross Station. Moving on, the next day Marisa and I managed not to get too lost. We visited the London Dungeons, which was scary and awesome, but mostly scary. We went to the Tower of London, got caught in a rain storm, and spent far too little time in the Natural History Museum (BEST MUSEUM EVER). We were exhausted by the time we got home Monday night. And Tuesday evening, after a full day of laying around and re-packing M’s things, she was off once again, this time to Deutschland for a month. We are attempting to schedule another reunion-this time in Ohio, with football, in November-so fingers crossed that’s it not too long before I see my favorite Canadian again!

Favorite picture from the weekend :

Flying leap over Jon!