Tunes I Dig-UK Pop Edition

Since we moved into our place down here 3 weeks ago, we still haven’t managed to get the internet connected (I’m using my phone as a hotspot again today, shhhhh don’t tell!) and on top of that, we haven’t had the spare funds to replace my record player that I couldn’t bring from the states. This means that I have basically turned the tv on to one of the two music channels-Viva or 4Music- every morning to just jam and see what’s happening in the UK pop scene while I do stuff around the house. They play actual videos. It’s fun. Think about that MTV!

Surprisingly enough, or maybe not really, I love pop music. I love most music, to be honest-maybe not thrasher death metal, and jazz doesn’t really do anything for me most of the time, but I think it’s fair to say that more genres than not please me- in particular folk, Americana, indie, hip-hop, rap, punk, blues, singer-song writer types, and good ol’ fashioned fluffy pop music. I don’t see why people are ever ashamed of liking a style of music that, by nature, is named for its popularity. Anyway, the interesting bit of the UK top 40 music is that it is so eclectic! There are very indie acts-Gotye’s “Somebody that I used to Know” is currently number 1 on the charts-squished right in there with dub step, hip hop and club bangers, pop stars and cover songs. It’s an interesting thing they’ve got going on over here.

Here are a few of the songs that I can’t help but loving lately, or at the very least sing along to enthusiastically every time they come on, all very pop in nature. In fact, if I’m not mistaken several of these acts were on the UK X factor (Marcus Collins, Olly Murs, and Cher Lloyd), so….feel free to pass judgement on that entrance into pop stardom if you feel the need. Emeli Sande just won a Brit award and she is AMAZING. Enjoy!




Love songs and other thoughts

My 16 year old heart leapt for joy at remembering that 8 tracks exists, and then created a playlist of lovely songs. Take a listen if you’d like.

Personally I have always been a lover of Valentine’s day. It always makes me think of my dad giving my sister and I a card and a little present/treat every year (long before there were any hunky teenage dudes in the picture, or the ol’ husband that I picked up along the way).  Is it commercialized? Shit yeah. But knowing that doesn’t make me any less thankful for a day when everyone feels obligated to tell those they love that they love them. I don’t think it happens enough. So love between couples, parents, siblings, friends, pets…..all of it. Today’s the day. Don’t forget to spread some love somewhere-in spite of massive commercialization. Maybe don’t buy the boxed chocolates or the weird out-of-season flowers. How about a nice home cooked meal, or a card you made yourself?

(a heart-shaped cookie with my lunch at Lala’s today)

Happy V Day friends.

Tunes-the fabulous covers edition.

Charlene Soraia-Wherever You Will Go

James Vincent McMorrow-Higher Love

Funnily enough, both of those are currently in commercials  (cough cough *adverts*) on UK television-the first for Twinings tea and the second for Lovefilm, which is the British version of Netflix (but actual Netflix just showed up here last week and blows lovefilm out of the water, so we’ll see how long they last). However, these songs are exquisitely beautiful, and I can’t stop listening to either of them. Well done, English tv.

This reminds me of an issue that I bring up with Jon very often-there seems to be a weird lack of copyright law that exists here as concerns music on tv. Case in point, any show on the BBC can use any song it likes (this is my understanding, I could be wrong) under the public service blanket license. So when they start running commercials for the new season of say, 90210 (why that comes on here is a another question for another time) they just pick whatever hot song is on the radio now. It’s really weird to hear, for example, Rihanna, singing about S&M as the background noise for some random show with antiques being sold, or people looking at new houses to buy. It seems that the songs chosen don’t really fit, most of the time, but they’re popular and the BBC can use them, so they do. I may end up looking into this some more.

Anyway!  Just for fun, here’s one more cover, and one of my favorites.  Bon Iver singing some old Bonnie Raitt.


Today a package came in the mail, and inside of that package was my passport with a shiny new spousal visa that says I can legally go live with my husband in England. Two days ago I turned in the final copy of my graduate thesis and portfolio. And tonight, I am going to see one of my favorite groups ever perform live at a beautiful theater downtown. This week, while slightly boring, has been so indescribably rewarding in so many facets of my life, that I can’t really complain. So I won’t.

(singing my very favorite Elliot Smith song ever, to boot)